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Leonardo mcfarlane
ceo - lion spectrum entertainment

lion spectrum

Lion Spectrum Entertainment is a record label founded by Leonardo 'Leo Carmichael' McFarlane. Leo has an extensive background in music production and has been involved in the industry for over 25 years. His experience extends from singing, drumming, producing, mixing and engineering to mastering, songwriting, and even artist development. He has a Diploma in Music from the Edna Manley College Of The Visual & Performing Arts and a Bachelors of Science in General & Operations Management.


Leo has an unrivaled passion for music and is dedicated to helping artists reach their potential. His mission is to bring their music to life and to give the artist a strong platform to be heard. Check out  our Services Order Forms to learn more about Lion Spectrum Entertainment's services, and find out how he can help you reach the next level.



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