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General Inquiries:



Spectrum Band is a unique combination of 4-6 musicians:

Originating from mainly 2 bands, they have worked together and crossed paths since 2005 and 2012. They have up to 13 years of experience working together, covering Billboard, Reggae and other Caribbean and Latin American Hits across Jamaica's North Coast at all inclusive resort bands and Corporate Jamaica. 

The members of Specktrum Band are used to every kind of clientele: 12-17, 18-25, 35-55, 55+; Europeans, North Americans, Central Americans; from Rock to Country & Western, Pop, Jazz, Soul, R&B, Disco, Funk, Ballroom music, Reggae, Soca & Calypso, Latin; 50s&60s, 70s, 80s, 90s to 2000. Every major genre on a Billboard chart have been grooved or sung, and well performed by these musicians.




1.         Stevie Wonder 

2.         Marvin Gaye

3.         Prince

4.         Earth Wind & Fire

5.         Journey

6.         Billy Joel

7.         Beatles

8.         Bruno Mars 

9.         Maroon 5

10.   Linkin Park

11.   A Twist Of MJ (Rock, Latin, Funk, Reggae, Duets, Pop)

12.   Lionel Richie & Kenny Rogers

13.   Toto, Tower of Power, Kool & The Gang

14.   Chicago, Air Supply & Peter Cetera  

15.   Ray Charles 

16.   Nat King Cole

17.   A Twist Of Bob Marley & Jimmy Cliff  



1.         Anita Baker

2.         Celine Dion

3.         Mariah Carey

4.         Whitney Houston 

5.         Dolly Parton

6.         Maddona

7.         Disco Women

Male & Female Collaboration:

Duets Under the Stars

1.         The Kenny G Tribute

2.         Kavoy Anthony:

3.         The Great Bass Kings Tribute 

Themed Shows:

1.         50s & 60s Party

2.         70s Greatest Hits

3.         80s Greatest Hits

4.         90s Greatest Hits

5.         The Best of 2Ks

6.         Motown Night

7.         Country & Western Vibes

8.         Jazz Hits

9.        Classic Rock

10.   The Colours of Jazz


  • Spectrum Band has a 2 weekly rehearsal standard to ensure the band stays versatile and up to date with the hits our guests and management requires. 

  • We are ready to perform 15 minutes before our performances, having set up 30 minutes ahead.

  • We diversify our musical selections, crossing all genres, using hits that keep people on the dance floor and create great memories.

  • We are flexible and willing to go the extra mile to serve management and guests.

  • We dress formally, in our suits or tux, maintaining a refined image.

  • Spectrum band mates have a close chemistry and maintain our bond as a musical family.

  • We are very competitive and aim to be outstanding where ever we serve musically.

Leonardo Carmichael

Band Leader

Personal Data

Marital Status: Married             Sex: Male

Born: August 30, 1985               Nationality: Jamaica

Education Background and Work/Training Experience


University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona

  • Degree: Management Studies (General)- 2012-2016

  • Emphasis: General and Operations Management, Business Strategy & Policy, Entrepreneurship, International Entrepreneurship and Business Management, Productivity and Quality Management. Artist Management, Music Business Management.

  • Certificate in Producing Cultural Events and Festivals

  • Literature- 2003-2005 

Edna Manley College of The Visual and Performing Arts (EMC)

  • Distinction - Diploma in Performance Music Studies in Jazz and Pop, Principal Instruments: Drum Kit, and Voice. 9 Credits of Photography: Intermediary (Analogue and Digital) 2005-2008 


Calabar High School 1996- 2003


A’ Levels and A/S 2003


History (A/S)
General Paper (A/S)
Unit 1 Economics VI (CAPE 2011)


CXC 1996-2001

English Language 
English Literature 
Office Administration (2011)




Work Experience

  • Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL), Jewel: Musician (2017 May - November 2017)

  • Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL), Jade: Musician (2016 October -  March 2017)

  • Couples Tower Isle Resort - Resident Singer (2009, 2011- 2016)

  • CEO - Lion Spectrum Entertainment, (2013-Present):

  • Internship in Marketing and Music at the World Overcomers Christian Church (WOCC) in North Carolina, United States (2011)

  • Vocals and Drum Kit Private Tutor – 2008- Present

  • Songwriter - Fiwi Music, Calabash Productions, Christ Smith Management (2010-2012)

  • Freelance Musician: Songwriter, Drummer, Recording Artiste, Cabaret Performer, Percussionist, Producer (2004-Present)


Other Training and Experience

  • Bahamas Maritime Authority: Basic Safety Training (NCL)

    • A-VI/1.1 Personal Survival Techniques

    • A-VI/1.2 Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting* (Excluding Live- Fighting

    • A-VI/1.3 Elementary First Aid

    • A-VI/1.4 Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities

  • Bahamas Maritime Authority: Crowd Management & Safety Training for passengers in passenger spaces (NCL)

  • International Convention on Standards of Training Certification and Watch Keeping for Seafarers: Security Awareness Training (NCL)

  • Photography

    • Intermediary, Analogue and Digital Photography at the Edna Manley College

  • Video Editing

    • Final Cut Pro (Software Specialty) 

  • Graphic Designing

    • Photoshop (Software Specialty)

  • Marketing 

    • Training and experience with WOCC, one of the fastest growing churches in The United States, shadowing then Marketing & Media Director Colin Morgan and their Music Ministry for two months. 

  • Other Strengths 

    • Music Business Management

    • Artist Management

    • Events Planning & Production

    • Song Writing, Composition & Arranging, Music & Entertainment Promotions

    • Business Strategy & Policy

    • Sales & Promotions

    • Excel, Power Point & Microsoft Access

    • Photoshop

    • Photography

    • Videography

    • Creative Directing


Community Service and Societies

  • Fellowship Tabernacle 1992-2012 (Evangelizing and Serving Across Kingston, Jamaica).

  • Fusion Ministries International 2006 (Evangelizing in Ghettos, through festivals).

  • UWI Panoridim Seel Band Orchestra 2003-2005 (Tours: Trinidad).

  • UWI Singers 2005-2008 (Tours: New York, Miami, Trinidad, Barbados, Antigua). 4 Concert Seasons.



Leadership Experience

  • Lion Spectrum Entertainment CEO 2013-Present.

  • Student Council (Student Union) President of the Edna Manley College 2007-2008

  • Leadership Training: UWI Leadership Seminar for Caribbean student leaders - 2007

  • Assistant Music School Representative 2006-2007

  • Edna Manley College Peer Counselor

  • Community Service and Youth Development- Fusion Ministries Int. (Australian Based)

  • Praise & Worship Leader (Drummer) 1997-2012 

  • Interschool Christian Fellowship (ISCF) Regional President 2002- 2003 

  • ISCF President Calabar High 2001- 2002

  • Calabar High Prefect 2001- 2003

  • Class President 5th Form 2000- 2001

  • Sports House Captain 2000- 2002

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